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If you don't know Minnie like we do, you need to get to know her. She has the heart of gold and I can guarantee that you will make a new GOOD friend for life. She is a gem you will want to keep in your life forever. I have even asked her for referrals for other things such as Insurance, landscapers, home improvements, and every referral I've talked to has told me their friendship with Minnie escalated from her helping them buy a home. Minnie is genuine and is truly out there to help people find their ideal home for the biggest bang for their buck. 


We were fortunate to work with her through purchasing and selling our homes. 

Purchasing: without wasting our time, she found our home and had us look at it. I saw it and it was a good potential but I just couldn't say yes to the first home I saw. I gave her more criterias and so we found other homes. We looked and they didn't match up to the first home. So I did my own research and she took us to look at those homes. Still wasn't as good as the first home. In the end, the first home was THE home. It made the most sense financially, especially with the current economy, and fit our criterias. She really looks into EVERYTHING for you, even things you don't consider--she'll consider for you. She finds a home for you as if she's finding a home for her own sister. 

Selling: she dedicates so much time towards getting the best deal for your home. She does all the talking and everything for you until she gets an optimal offer. 


Loan: There was a chance of not qualifying for our home. Minnie and her team are so well versed and knowledgeable with their expertise that they were able to think outside of the box to make things happen for us. They don't take no for an answer until they've exhausted all of their resources. They have such a positive attitude with everything too and that helps because people get nasty when things get difficult. 


Honestly with Minnie and her team, your job is just to give her what she needs and she handles the rest. 

My husband and I have dealt with two other brokers and agents and I wish I would've met Minnie earlier. But if I didn't deal with the other guys, I would've never known how fortunate I was/am to have met Minnie. 


Jefmar & Kelly Dickey 

My name is Ken Giberson.. I have been working with Spectrum Property Management for 3 years now... They have great customer service... When we started my rents were under current market value and after I brought Spectrum in their team helped raise my rents to current market value and also receive a cam charge from all tenants... They also negotiate all leases without me having to be there... I was set up with a rep named Edmond from Spectrum and he is available directly for any questions about my building that they are in charge of...  I highly recommend this company for any of your property management needs....  

Ken Giberson